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May 2016

Sneak Preview of 3.0 Intensives Leaked

by James Delliskave, Middle School Historian and Professional Endless Pit of Useless Knowledge


The Daily Gravy has obtained a top-secret list of proposed topics for next year’s intensives, which the Gravy promised not to release to the public until they were officially announced, but the Gravy was lying. So here they are:


  • At-home plastic surgery
  • Chinese buffet management
  • Do-it-yourself blood transfusions
  • America’s Funniest Home Videos: beginner’s course
  • Sluffing 101
  • Cement diving
  • “Litter”acy: course in littering
  • History of evil rabid monkey people
  • Introduction to comb-overs
  • How to get diabetes
  • Socialism: It’s not just for military dictatorships anymore, with guest lecturer Bernie Sanders
  • Obesity through the ages, part 2: Henry VII–Homer Simpson
  • The seven habits of highly successful McDonald’s employees
  • Spontaneous combustion in a postmodern context
  • Advanced tax evasion
  • Stupidity for dummies
  • Manipulating the spending habits of children, featuring Spongebob Squarepants
  • False advertising: Sign up now and receive $100,000
  • How to be better than everyone else and look really good doing it; team-taught by Kanye West and Donald Trump
  • A beginner’s guide to money laundering and forging
  • Surviving the President Trump apocalypse


This article was written by a guest writer who sent his/her complete article to AISUGRAVY@GMAIL.COM, which was then slightly revised, edited, and posted by Gravy professionals. This guest writer is no different from you or me except that this guest writer wrote an article for the Daily Gravy and sent it to AISUGRAVY@GMAIL.COM. Other than that, there really aren’t that many differences between the two of you. This guest writer isn’t any more special than you or anything, except that he/she wrote an article and sent it to AISUGRAVY@GMAIL.COM, and you haven’t yet. That’s really the only important difference. So what are you waiting for? If you would like your work to be posted on the Daily Gravy and laughed at (in a mostly good way) by many of your peers, email your article to AISUGRAVY@GMAIL.COM and have a nice day.

Mr. Farley Opts Entire State of Utah Out of SAGE Testing Because “It’s Really Dumb”

Daily Headline – 5/16/16

Ask and Receive: A Gravy Column

Ask and Receive” is a Daily Gravy column in which members of AISU’s student body and staff ask questions, and the Gravy Editors receive them. See how that works out?


Our first question comes from an anonymous student who is concerned about falling asleep in Physics class:

“I keep falling asleep in Physics class. This is normally beneficial to me, because I do need my sleep, but this next week of class is probably going to require more participation so that I can actually finish the course. Is it possible for me to stay awake, or should I not even try?”

Well, anonymous student, Physics class is known to induce drowsiness. However, contrary to popular belief, it is possible to stay awake. One thing to remember is the first law of motion (which, ironically, you would know about if you hadn’t been sleeping in Physics class): objects in motion tend to stay in motion, while objects at rest tend to stay at rest. This means that you should never begin to rest, or you will never return. Instead, stay in motion! One of the most effective ways to do this is to run laps around the classroom for most of the class period. It’s also helpful to do about 15 jumping jacks every few minutes.
Some students like to bring a jump rope or a hula hoop to use when they start to feel sleepy. If you still aren’t able to stay awake, don’t worry; graduating is overrated anyway.

Truman Barnes from the middle school asks the next question about popularity.

“I feel like every day I am overlooked and I don’t get enough respect. What is a good way to be respected at this school?”

Truman, if anyone knows about disrespect, it’s us at the Gravy. We make it our business to never show any respect to anyone. So if you’d like to be respected more, we would suggest that you try to be more respectable. In an attempt to help you, we read Lifehack’s clickbait link “20 Things Every Man Should Learn to be a More Respectable Person” and randomly selected a number on that list that you should work on improving. The number selected was #7, “How You Treat a Woman.”

Some of the woman-treating skills on Lifehack’s list include opening doors for women, speaking highly of women, and communicating with women. To gain these skills, we suggest practicing opening doors for others at least 7 times per day. Be sure to do this when you’re alone, so if you do it wrong there are no witnesses. Also remember that you’re only opening doors for women, so if a man tries to enter through a door you’re opening, trip him and close the door as quickly as possible so that it breaks his legs. To speak highly of women, we suggest loudly announcing things you like about the female gender at random times throughout the day. This will show women you care or at least notice things about their gender. To practice communicating with women, we suggest regularly listening to soap operas on television and practicing nodding and making appropriate facial gestures while thinking about the NBA playoffs in your head. Follow these steps and you’re sure to be more respected in no time. You’re welcome.

Our next question is from a student who calls himself “the Unicorn King.”

“Once I was walking down the street, and a 9-foot-tall guy with sunshine
coming out of his mouth and a hippo for a hand told me that everything in the whole wide world is really mean, even my mom. I don’t think my mom’s mean. What do you think?”

If you think your mom’s nice, we’ll take your word for it. However, for future reference, we would suggest not talking to 9-foot-tall guys with sunshine mouths and a hippo for a hand, because, as we learn from Psych season 2, episode 6, “Meat is Murder, But Murder is Also Murder,” those guys usually turn out to be the jealous assistant who murdered the food critic because he wanted his job. We also learn that mushroom farmers aren’t always the best at criminal identification, but they pull through in the end.

This concludes this session of Ask and Receive: A Gravy Column. If you have questions you would like to be received by the Gravy editors, email ASKGRAVY@GMAIL.COM with your question and we will be sure to receive it.

The Daily Gravy Elected into Every SBO and Rep Position

Daily Headline – 5/16/16

Why and How to Vote Gravy for Student Body President


As you may have guessed by the updated subtitle on our website, the Daily Gravy is informally running for AISU Student Body President. Why? Primarily because we’ve been observing the U.S. presidential race, and we thought, why should Donald Trump have all the fun?

But we aren’t running in a formal manner, for a number of reasons. That number is 3. The first reason is we probably wouldn’t be able to because we aren’t really a student but more of a student body organization. The second reason is that it seems like a lot of hard work to fill out all those papers and be interviewed and everything. The third reason is that our campaign slogan is “Because Screw Authority” and if we ran by the rules we wouldn’t be screwing authority, we would be obeying it. And that’s no fun.

We as the Gravy do not expect you to vote for us just because it’s fun or because you like to screw authority, although we would be OK if you did that. Rather, we have outlined below a few things we will do if you elect us and reasons we think we are worthy of your unofficial vote:

  • If the Gravy wins, everyone wins: As president, the Daily Gravy will obviously not be able to preside at meetings and assembles like a good president should, so various AISU students will be given the opportunity to represent the Gravy at these official functions. These students would include current SBO candidates (besides Jarrett, he’s already had his chance); responsible, charismatic students; and even you! All high school students, big or small, who want to represent the Gravy will have the chance at some point throughout the Gravy’s presidency. This will include wearing an authentic Gravy T-shirt provided by TeeRex Tees and possibly a Gravy mask.


  • A vote for the Gravy is a vote against the system: You see, if you elect the Gravy as student body president, you have effectively beat a longstanding system without lifting more than a finger. Well done. How many high school students can say that?


  • Inter-school fantasy sports leagues for scholarship money: If the Gravy is elected, one of our first movements will be to start a fantasy basketball league and possibly a fantasy football league with 11 other schools across the valley. The winning team will be awarded money toward a scholarship, along with a trophy made of chocolate or something.


  • There won’t be so many celebration assemblies: I mean, they can be all right and maybe even useful once or twice a trimester, but we have them ALL THE GOSH DARN TIME. If the Gravy is elected, that won’t happen.


  • We will fight A/B schedules, the longer school day, and other 3.0 changes as much as we can: You better believe it. You’re welcome, people with flex schedules. And also everyone.


  • Psych: The Musical as a school musical possibility: Can you say, “The best thing ever”?


  • Get partial English credits for guest writing for the Daily Gravy: You’re already planning to do it anyway. Why not get English 12 credits for it? There’s also the possibility of a Gravy intensive. How fun is that?


  • No important school activities or meetings will be scheduled during primetime television: That’s just inconvenient for everybody.


  • Lastly, think Shawn Spencer in Psych: Season 7, Episode 10 – “The Santa Barbarian Candidate” before the part where he’s trying to not get elected. Hilarious.


By now, you’re probably either super excited and wanting to know how you can vote for the Daily Gravy so you can do it and beg your friends to do it too, or you’re extremely confused and wondering how on this green earth it’s even going to be possible to vote for us—or both. Well, it’s really quite simple. All you have to do is scroll back to up to the top of this article and select one of the “The Daily Gravy” options under the “Who are you voting for and why?” poll. That’s pretty much all the work you have to do. Then, when Bill Glad or whoever sends out the “official” polls for student body president, vote for Seth. Or Ritz. Or Lynzie, or Aatheven, or anybody (except Jarrett. He’s already had his chance). It really doesn’t matter, they’re all nice people. Then, when the authoritative figure like Mark Smith or whoever presents the student body president, that doesn’t really mean anything. Who’s authority to tell you what you believe? If you, the student body, accept the Gravy as AISU president, then galldangit, who’s going to tell you you’re wrong? If you, the student body, accept most of the decisions made by Gravy representatives (you), then they happen. That’s all you have to do to beat the system. That’s it, and you screwed authority. You show them. Vote Gravy.

A Quick Message From Gravy Campaign Managers

The Daily Gravy Campaign for AISU Student Body President would like to remind everyone that we are not running against the current SBO candidates, but rather alongside them. If the Gravy wins, all current candidates will also win, and will regularly “represent” the Gravy as student body president in meetings, assemblies, etc. The Gravy is purely a student-body organization and will not be able to represent itself, anyway. Through this system, all current candidates will be winners. No one will lose, and there will be no second place. We love you guys and stuff.

There will be a full-length article posted in the coming hours/days which will explain more in-detail some of the Gravy’s plans for presidency. Any questions, concerns, or coupons can be emailed to AISUGRAVY@GMAIL.COM

AISU 4.0 Plans Leaked

AISU – The American International School of Utah has baffled students, parents, and mental institutions with its recently announced “3.0” changes to be implemented for the school’s third year. These include, to name a few, an inefficient-by-nature A/B schedule (especially disruptive for students with “flex schedules”), 80-minute classes (about 80 times longer than the average teenager’s attention span), an earlier start and later end to the school day (inconsiderate of commuter students), integrated classes that will force students who are ahead in certain subjects to do completed work again, crew in the middle of the day, two high school lunches to minimize socializing, among other terrible things.

Students hardly had time to recover emotionally from the 3.0 announcement, however, before potential plans for changes in AISU’s fourth year were leaked through fuzzy images on the Internet. Details are sketchy, but they reportedly include an A/B/C/D/E schedule (or “alphabet schedule”) to fit more classes per trimester. Also, in response to complaints from commuter students, the school day is to be extended even further—beginning at 7:00 a.m. and ending at 6:30 p.m., thus avoiding both the morning and evening rush hours. Saturdays would be added to the school week as a mandatory “bonus learning” day. The two high school lunches are to be eliminated, and instead students will only have lunch on one day each week, depending on their crew, which will meet for 2 minutes and 34 seconds per day.

The leaked 4.0 information also included clues that led investigators to confidential drafts of AISU “5.0,” which they say they found hidden under a pile of granola bars on Mr. Justis’s desk. For 5.0, the “alphabet schedule” will include all letters of the alphabet, giving students 26 days between classes. Weekends, holidays, and breaks will be eliminated, because “what did the students do to earn a ‘break’?” There will not be a lunch and food will not be permitted; instead, all students will participate in a “school-wide fast” for education. The “crew leader” position will be terminated, and all crews will be led by Bill Glad via Skype for 30 seconds every half hour.

As surprising as these changes may be, they apparently are only the beginning. Investigators found that when the plans for 5.0 were translated into Latin, read backwards, then translated back into English, they revealed a rough draft for plans for AISU 6.0, which reportedly will include a schedule based not on the English alphabet but on a variety of factors, including the outdoor temperature, the air quality, a “wheel of academic fortune” spun by local celebrities, the amount of rainfall in the Amazon rainforest, the crime rate in Los Angeles, the “rollback” sales at Wal-Mart, and what Mr. Farley had for breakfast the day before. Under this schedule, students will never have the same class twice and will be “kept on their toes” regarding their education.

The school day for 6.0 will last for 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 1/4 days a year, and each class will last 48 hours. If students wish to eat, they are required to watch a video of someone taking a bowl of rice away from a starving child in Africa while doing so. Crews will be disintegrated, and students will meet individually with Bill Glad at random times every day for a presentation about stress, sleep deprivation, fear, and other conditions caused by the school.

Students have responded by comparing the successive changes to the worsening of recent iPhone models. School officials would not confirm the veracity of the leaked information; however, they called the iPhone comparison “very insulting, but fair.”

AISU Dance Performance Exceeds Expectations, Makes One Direction and Adele Tolerable

Daily Headline – 5/9/16

Studies Show MAP Testing May Have Unintended Positive Consequences

Murray, UT – The semiannual MAP testing that the American International School of Utah and other schools are required to take has often been looked down upon by students, teachers, and parents as “boring,” “unnecessary,” “stupid,” and other adjectives that are generally used to describe bad things. However, according to a recent study performed by the Sarah Palin Institute of Technicalities (SPIT), the tests may have some upside.

The SPIT study concluded that although MAP testing is, in fact, super dumb and annoying, its horribleness may actually be its redeeming quality. “Because MAP testing is so bad, it causes students to want to get rid of it. And if the students do get rid of it, the world will become a better place,” says Michael Magoon, the president and mascot of SPIT. “In other words, MAP eventually discontinues itself, which is the best thing imaginable.”

The findings were published in the Journal of Paradoxical Research under the title “MAP Is Bad, and That’s Good.” Critics, however, argue that if MAP testing was never created, the world would have been better off in the first place and wouldn’t need the bettering that would happen if it gets scrapped. But SPIT foresees a deeper purpose. “The experience gained by the students and others who participate in eventually ridding the world of MAP testing will be extremely helpful in teaching them how to overthrow other stupid things that will need removing in the future,” says Magoon. “Like the government.”

It remains to be seen whether students, despite their distaste for MAP testing, will be proactive enough to overthrow it. In fact, some students have expressed concerns that opposing MAP testing sounds like a lot of work—a known fear of many students. If students eventually prove unable or unwilling to overthrow MAP testing, the government has stated that it will reward them for not working by giving them jobs writing next year’s MAP tests.

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