Note: Any reports about AISU’s Guys and Dolls production is only taken from what happened at the Friday night performance, as the Gravy Editors were not available Thursday night, due to the show being scheduled the same time as our TV shows The Blacklist and Rush Hour, both of which are very good.


AISU – Many people have been saying that they thoroughly enjoyed AISU’s production of Guys and Dolls Friday, but several left the performance disappointed and even bewildered. The biggest and most often-mentioned disappointment was the surprising lack of microphone and lighting problems.

Sound and lighting screw-ups have become a normal and expected part of high school and middle school stage productions across the country, and their absence at Guys and Dolls was a surprise and somewhat of a letdown for many. Some people who were at the performance Friday say they went straight to the doctor’s afterwards to have their eyes and ears checked because they didn’t see or hear any lighting or sound problems. Others reportedly demanded their money back after the show. “I go to high school musicals to hear loud microphone feedback and to see spotlights shining in the wrong places,” said one angry patron. “This sorry excuse for a high school production had none of that.”

The lack of sound and lighting problems came as a surprise to more than just the audience, however, as the technicians who ran the lights and sound Friday were also very shocked at the lack of inadequacy they performed. Some technicians say that after noticing how not terrible they were doing, they tried very hard to screw up, but “just couldn’t.” Other technicians say that they actually did screw up, but just in places that weren’t as noticeable, like when people weren’t talking, or during intermission. All in all the technicians were ashamed of their well-done performance, and promise to do better at being worse next time, if ever given the chance “after this embarrassment.”

Sources say that although the sound and lighting problems were absent from Friday’s performance, the omitted problems were made up for on Thursday night, when the microphones and lights allegedly “gave up” during half of the show, as expected. Many people say that this is no excuse for performing well on Friday, however, as the audience who attended Friday’s show had just as much a right as Thursday’s audience to witness the performance being botched by the microphones and lights technicians.

Following Friday’s performance, the school released an official statement admitting their mistake in having no mistakes, and promising that the sound and lighting will never not screw up ever again, and that they will make the necessary employment changes to ensure that the sounds and lighting are never operated adequately in the future. This statement has been received well by the school population, and people are glad to hear that the school is taking responsibility in the devastatingly well-done light and microphone job, and hope that they will never see a school production with working lights again.