Images of everyone associated with AISU have just been released:

crying-baby Portrait of unattended newborn crying. blog13 7ac768133a7fa27dd881f15ddb3fa961 newborn-colic baby-crying-287x300 GettyImages-172344134-58d94c015f9b584683ba4005 images (2) 87160465_XS calm_a_crying_newborn_baby_to_sleep_at_night (1) crying-newborn-baby-rex newborn baby crying newborn-crying-sooth-colic.jpg.653x0_q80_crop-smart newborn-crying-500-x-332 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA babies-crying-in-their-sleep-at-night-25 Crying-baby-012 o-CRYING-BABY-facebook baby-crying-crib Crying newborn crying-baby3-1024x576 newborn-3f5d068ed6eec77aa2ae5c4b9be7318f2f2b6d4d-s300-c85 images (1) Crying_newborn

Also released were photos of people at AISU who have not heard the news yet:

newborn NewbornCries 9327a2d3-f219-4f8f-a135-ea20d8a0d144

Those poor, naïve souls. They’re so peaceful; so oblivious. To them, everything is still normal. Oh, how blissful it must be to live in that carefree mirage. They have no idea that everything is about to collapse right in front of their eyes. As soon as they wake up, their lives will change. But for now, enjoy the peace of not knowing. Savor it. For now, it is paradise.

Either that, or it’s the seniors who aren’t going to be here next year and don’t have to worry about it. Those suckers are the real lucky ones. To them, we say: apply to ASU (it’s only one letter short of AISU, after all. And it’s stealing from us the one thing we love). *CRIES AGAIN*