AISU—Due to the shock AISU choirs and theater programs are now facing due to not blowing everyone away with their performance at the Shakespearean Festival, administration has chosen to give music and theater students one month off to adapt to not being the best without trying anymore.

As Mark Smith said, “Times are clearly changing, and the AISU choral and theater programs can’t just waltz into performances and expect to blow everyone away like they used to. Why this has changed, I don’t know. But I do know this: it is certainly not due to decreased support from administration towards the performing arts following the departure of the Farleys. Definitely not that. But rather than thinking about ways that I can fix this, I am placing all students who did not dominate their respective competitions on one month of administrative leave. During this time, you should use think about what you have done, feel awful about yourselves, and consider transferring schools.”

Some students are excited about this month off of school, but others have noted eerie similarities between this month of leave and the “leave” granted to Mike Farley before he was wrongly fired. Meanwhile, the dance program remains in the sweet familiarity of being better than everyone else.